Have you ever dreamt of visiting a castle from a Disney movie in real life? Well, it’s possible in Europe! Many of the fictional Disney castles resemble real life castles in Europe, which shows that Disney really did their research. Here are six castles in Europe that will make you feel like Disney Royalty:

1. Alcázar de Segovia (Segovia, Spain)

It’s been said that the castle in Segovia inspired the castle in Sleeping Beauty, so if you want to feel like Princess Aurora or Prince Philip this is the place to go. Besides the castle in the city center of Segovia (where there’s also a beautiful cathedral and a Roman aqueduct!), there’s also La Granja Palace which is a short bus ride from the center of Segovia. This extremely regal looking palace would be fit for any prince or princess, and also comes with extensive gardens filled with fountains.

Segovia Castle in Spain seen from a park

La Granja palace and a fountain outside of Segovia, Spain.

2. Château de Chillon (Montreux, Switzerland)

Situated right next to the water, Château de Chillon gives off so many Little Mermaid vibes. You can just imagine Prince Eric walking on the beach next to the castle and finding Ariel laying on the sand. Just like the castle in the Little Mermaid, Château de Chillon also has several large towers overlooking the water. In addition to having a beautiful castle, Montreux is also a beautiful city! You can walk a path along the lake, and during the summer you can attend the Montreux Jazz Festival.

The exterior of Chillon Castle in Montreux, Switzerland.

A view of mountains from the tower of Chillon Castle in Montreux, Switzerland. e tower3. Urquhart Castle (Drumnadrochit, Scotland)

Even though this 13th century castle is now mostly in ruins, it’s very reminscent of the castle where Merida lived in Brave. The gray stones against the green landscape seem like the perfect place for a Scottish princess to practice archery. This historic castle is also right next to the famous Loch Ness, so after you tour the castle you can even search for Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. If you want to experience more royal vibes in Scotland, check out my post about a 72 hour royal tour of Edinburgh.

Loch Ness,in Scotland with a view of Urquhart Castle.

Ruins of Urquhart Castle in Loch Ness, Scotland.4. Hohensalzburg Fortress (Salzburg, Austria)

If you want to feel like you’re Snow White, look no further than Hohensalzburg Fortress! The white castle is reminscent of Snow White’s castle with it’s location on a hill, towers, and white color. The Fortress is also home to a puppet museum, so in addition to feeling like Snow White, you’ll also be reminded of Pinocchio.  Besides just the fortress, the location of Salzburg next to the Alps makes it so magical, especially when you see the views from the fortress’ tower! Also, the medieval and baroque streets of the city are beautiful, and you can even see horse drawn carriages. The film, The Sound of Music was actually filmed in Salzburg, so you can check out those sites as well!

The white castle in Salzburg, Austria rising above the city of Salzburg, Austria.

A lake with a the town of Salzburg, Austria behind it and mountains in the background.5. Mont Saint Michel Abbey (Mont-Saint-Michel, France)

The magical location of Mont-Saint-Michel in the North of France make you feel like you stepped into the kingdom in Tangled.  While not a castle, the 11th century monastery is located on a hill and during high tide is surrounded by water, which is just like Corona Castle, the castle of Rapunzel’s family in Tangled. Even if you have no interest in Tangled, Mont Saint Michel’s location, and its winding streets up to the monastery is an experience not to be missed.

Mont Saint Michel Abbey in France.

The quaint, small streets of Mont Saint Michel, France.6. Château Royal d’Amboise (Amboise, France)

The 15th centrury Château Royal d’Amboise in France sits on a hill and overlooks the roofs of quaint timbered houses, just like the Prince’s Castle in Cinderella! While not quite the white castle with many towers of the classic Disney film, this castle makes up for it with it’s view of the river and its history. Not only is Leonardo da Vinci buried in the chapel on the property, but Mary Queen of Scots grew up in this castle on the Loire. Even though Mary was not a servant in her own home, like Cinderella she also grew up living with a family that wasn’t her mother and father.

Amboise Castle next to a river in Aboise, France.

A view of the streets of Amboise from the Royal Castle of Amboise.*Bonus Castle*: Château de Walzin (Dinant, Belgium)

Okay, so this might not be Disney related, but right outside of Dinant, Belgium is a castle that almost looks like Hogwarts! Walzin Castle is placed majestically on a cliff above the Meuse River and surrounded by trees, making it the perfect location for a wizarding academy. The town of Dinant itself is also placed along the river under a cliff, which could easily be the location for Hogsmede with it’s unique location and colorful store fronts. If you want to read more about traveling to Harry Potter locations, check out my post on Edinburgh, Scotland!

A castle above the trees outside of Dinant, Belgium.

The village of Dinant, Belguim located on a river with a rock behind it.


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